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using two modems

I recently bought a smart T.V. It uses WiFi via the wireless router. I was wondering if I could use the cable coming out by the cable box, use a splitter to have one cable go to cable box and another go to a modem. Then use an ethernet cable to hook directly into tv. I feel this will give a better single but not sure if I'm allowed to do this.

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  • jfizzle4rings,

    Hi. The only way to activate a second modem would be to go into billing for a second instance of internet. If you're interested in pursuing this please email with the following:

    Your complete address including city and state
    The account holder's name if different from yours
    The Cox PIN or last 4 digits of the account holder's Social
    Details regarding the nature of your inquiry and a reference to this forum post.

    Otherwise, depending on your service subscription and equipment involved, you may be able to consider moving your modem/router. If you're subscribed to Cox Telephone with an eMta or telephony modem it's usually not a good idea to move these on your own.

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    There are a couple of options in this case.  You can use a wireless access point/bridge to act as a base station, they usually have better radios and antenna to connect to your primary router.  Powerline networking is also an option. 

    Both these Netgear and TP-Link range extenders have an ethernet port to plug a wired device to bridge your connection: