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Using ChromeCast with a cox provided router.

I have a NetGear  AC1900 C6300BD, and I'm trying to set up a new chromecast device on it.

The problem I'm running into is a drop of connectivity, I can see it is connected to my home router when it first turns on, but about thirty seconds go by, the screen flashes and it is no longer showing as connected to my home network.

At this point I am trying to disable the wireless AP settings on the router, as suggested by google. I can see that it's enabled inside of the advanced settings, but when I go into that band, there is no option for the wireless AP. 

I've tried to disable wireless isolation

I have removed wifi security

I downloaded the standalone app for the netgear box to attempt an update, it failed

The wireless AP area on the router; under the Advanced tab, administration, loads but I can't seem to have any interaction with the information available here.

Right now in troubleshooting the Wireless AP mode needs to be turned off. \


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    What are you trying to Chromecast from? The options you are probably looking for is AP isolation, which should be disabled or unchecked. It can be found under Basic > Wireless > "Enable Wireless Isolation" as seen on page 33 of manual.

    If the Chromecast still can't connect, where is it failing? For instance, can the Chromecast connect at all to wireless? Can your phone or the device your trying to cast from connect to wireless? Can you ping the Chomecast's IP from a computer on your network?