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USB on Arris TG1682G modem

I'm renting the TG1682G modem from Cox, is there a way to get the USB ports working for my external hard drive?

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  • Hi Msgt Dann, the USB ports are not enabled from the manufacturer (p.27):
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    MichaelJ said:
    Hi Msgt Dann, the USB ports are not enabled from the manufacturer (p.27):
    Since the ports aren't operational on Cox supplied equipment, where can I find the requirements for compatible alternative equipment since this in important to me.
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    Msgt Dann

    I too am renting a TG1682 but it is A/B/D/G/N A/C capable.  I have had it for two weeks and have had a number of issues.  However, the one issue I did not have is using a WD MyCloud 6TB Drive as my network BU using the USB port.  I read the three responses you have received, but I have also done some reading on the COX.COM/mywifi site and have read that the USB port, while not currently enabled, will be used for an external drive.

    So, at this point, I am a little confused as to why my WD MyCloud works but I am having a number of other issues.  I have even had COX come out and replace the TG1682 they had installed 10 days earlier.  I am now getting 50Gps DS and 5Gps US.  I have 15 devices in this house connected to it and it handles them all.

    I wouldn't give up on your EHD.  Might want to go the the MFR Web for your drive and see if they can provide a suggestion or two.  Good Luck.