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Upstream issues yet again

Well this makes like the...TENTH TIME...since the end of May my upstream drops out and I spend significant time doing thorough testing to make sure it's not on my end. Of course it never is.

About 4 nights ago I was down COMPLETELY for almost 2 hours, just no connection to get, modem flashed for 2 hours before the connection came back. Noone notified me of any scheduled maintenance that would take me down for 2 hours.

Today I'm getting hangs and slowness and significant latency.

I'm really sick of posting a recurring issue you buttheads can't seem to resolve cuz your engineers are idiots that allow a problem to exist for months. Still shopping for a new connection. I'm happy to do my part to troubleshoot, but you guys just CAN'T...SEEM...TO...FIX...IT!!

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  • @smttips,

    The modem is reporting some time out errors. Are there any spiltters or signal amps on the cable line going to the modem?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.