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Upload speeds shot

Started about 3-4 days ago and I was hoping that the upload speeds would recover, but since then upload speeds won't even pass 1mbps. This issue had happened a few months ago as well. The tech had said there were some ingress problems and that seemed to fix it.

As far as I can tell, I've done everything other cox reps have told me to do:

  • Unplugged the modem
  • Unplugged the router
  • Undone the coax and touched the tip
  • Unplugged the coax at the start of the wall and did the same
  • restarted the modem myself
  • restarted the modem using cox

When the tech that fixed it the first time did it, he went outside and did something.

What I guess I'm hoping for is for some way for ME to fix it, because getting someone to come at that time of the day again is next to impossible.

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Sun Dec 4 9:45 PM Yes 89 Mbps 0 Mbps 7 millisec Las Vegas

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    Have you tried connecting direct to the modem? If not, try that and see what speed you get. If so, what model modem do you have and what are it's signal levels from Still using the SB6120 from your last thread?

  • Hi Darrell,

    Bypass your router (temporarily), as Tecknowhelp suggested, and then reset your modem. After the reset, run the Cox Speedtest a few more times and post the results so we can see if there is any change.

  • Just bypassed router and restarted modem. I had to do it myself since the site and the cox connect app both error out and tell me they can't do it.

    After that, I tried to run the speed test at but either I get as far as being told that download is at 25 to 40 mpbs and then timing out at the upload part....


    It fails before the latency can be tested and comes back with "Latency Test Error"

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    Ive been having upload issues for quite some time. I cant seem to get anyone from COX to help me out. YMMV. I wish I had another option that wasnt DSL. 

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    I posted a reply in your other thread concerning twitch asking for info.

  • Hi DarrellDavies,

    Sorry for the delay! I see that you've been able to run the Cox Speedtest tool a few times a day. Thanks for providing us with that data! Your upload speeds seem to take a jump briefly on December 5th and again on December 7th –possibly because you connected directly to the modem? Upload speeds since the 8th have been very poor. Is that because you reconnected to the router?