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Upload speed only 2/3rds of what I should be receiving.

I had to call in to tech support last night to get my service sorted out. Turned out that Cox had the wrong modem information linked to my account so I wasn't provisioned for the proper speed level. After they fixed that my downstream went up to the 300mbit+ that I should be receiving.

Upstream is a different story, though. I've run speed tests on Cox's speed test as well as and random file size tests on - all of them put me right around 20mbit rather than the 30mbit+ I should be provisioned for.

Here is a copy/past of my modem's upstream channel information. The moderm is a Arris Surfboard SB6190 so it has 32 downstream channel and 8 upstream channel capacity.

Upstream Bonded Channels
Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power
1 Locked ATDMA 3 5120 kSym/s 34.00 MHz 45.25 dBmV
2 Locked ATDMA 4 2560 kSym/s 38.90 MHz 46.75 dBmV
3 Locked ATDMA 2 5120 kSym/s 27.50 MHz 46.75 dBmV
4 Locked ATDMA 1 2560 kSym/s 22.60 MHz 45.25 dBmV

Can anyone advise on this? Phone tech support said there was nothing more they could do to assist.

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    Are you connecting direct to the SB6190? Also, what state do you live in?

    Last, what was the issue with the wrong modem? Unless it was a DOCSIS 2.0 modem I don't see how it would effect speeds. As long as the MAC address is right, the S/N and Model number don't effect service at all.

  • Yes the connection isn't an issue and I'm in Oklahoma.

    The issue with the modem, as explained to my by tech support, was that they have a record of what modem you have. If the modem isn't up to their specs - which with Ultimate they require at least 24 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels - then they won't even provision you for the full service level. So despite me having a 32 / 8 modem, and telling Cox this when I registered the modem on the network, they didn't record it properly and accordingly provisioned my service down.

    Doesn't explain the upstream issue, though, now that I have the proper service provisioning. 

  • I'm using 24 downstream channels right now.

    COX has a tech coming out to my house, but I'm hoping a Moderator can check the account to see if something can be done remotely so I can cancel that service call.

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    The only issues I'm seeing from this end are some weaker than desirable downstream signal levels.  You could try things like bypassing splitters or different cable outlets to see if that helps otherwise the tech may be the best route.