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Upload speed droping from 30 mbps to 500kbps every afternoon

Around 11:30 or so every day my upload speed goes from 30 mbps to 00.45 mbps can almost time it and it stays like that until 6 pm or so then back to my normal speeds of 150 to 250 on download and 25 to 30 on upload (We pay for 300 mbps down 30 up). This started happening last year around this same time within a month and it cleared up after summer was over. I will mention i live in a very hot state. I am just trying to get any idea of why this is happening my wife and I work from home and can not connect to our network efficiently as the upload is so slow it hangs most of the time. I need a solution have already had tech out on Friday and another one out tomorrow. I also noticed that my Dhcp lease renews at 11:34am and is on a 24 hour cycle and at 11:36 am the day that i first experienced the drop in upload speed this year that is.... i was on the phone with cox doing speed tests. This has all been logged since last year and of course the people on the phone are more than happy to help me when they see all the problems, but all they can do is send out a tech that has no idea what to do either. I need a solution please if anyone can help i welcome it.  

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    Since the tech came out today, have you noticed a change in the way your service is working? Are your connections to the internet wired or wireless connection? We may need to try a wired connection to the modem when you experience the issue with the upload speed.