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Upgraded to the Ultimate tier?

Today, we upgraded to what I know as the "Ultimate" tier (300 Mbps download, 30Mbps upload). As far as I know, in my area, that tier has normally a total 24 bonded channel download and 8 bonded channel upload.

We have the SB6190 modem, which can handle 32 bonded channels and 8 upload. But we only show 4 channels for upload (the 24 download channels seem fine). Could you guys update our modem's setup to have all channel available for this area?

Also, I know there is some type of upload speed issue going on in my area, but would this hinder you guys from updating our modem setup?

Thank you

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    Currently all markets only offer 4x upstream channels. If you're experiencing latency issues you may wish to see this link for more info:

  • I really like the post. Thank you.

    Clearly the OP knows what he's doing. Haven't read all the replies, but the first thing that stood out for me is he keeps stating that he has 32X8 bonded channels in Phoenix. But you said no market offers 8, just 4. What's the truth? He hasn't put out there his channel screen shot view (unless there's some type of security concern regarding this).

    This being said, in some of the later replies, he discusses with others that perhaps all the processing needed to handle 32X8 channels is what's causing the Puma ship to cause such latencies. Would this be the reason why I haven't noticed much severe latencies issues at 24X4?

    As for the upload issues I see currently, is it related to the "Outage alert" message I get after login into

    Also, has there been a patch update from the manufacturer and subsequently within Cox after Nov 2016, when this person presented his experience? (Can you check if my modem is up to date?)


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    No market provides over 4 channel bonding. OP in that forum was referring to what his modem is capable of. Actually, no ISP currently provides over 4 channel bonding. There is not enough room to fit any extra channels in the upstream. I live in Tempe

  • That makes sense, since it doesn't seem he showed his modem status screen shot. It's just an odd thing for an electrical engineer to have all this research down to the point to take apart the modem, review the chips and then completely ignore going to the status page of his modem to see how many channels are bonded....

    As for my other questions, could someone address them?

    PS: As it's happened in the last week, the upload speed drops to 1-2 Mbps when one of the 4 channels drops completely, but comes back up later in the day. Right now it's back up and the speed seems normal. But still need to know why this might be happening. This time the channel dropped at around 10:35 am CST and took about 1/2 hour to come back up.

    Thanks again.