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Upgraded Digital Phone Modem. Now getting static on phone

COX offered me the opportunity to upgrade my Digital Phone Modem (CISCO) which I just did.  Now when I use the cordless phone I can hear static when talking on the phone.

Anyone else have this problem with this latest Cisco Phone Modem?   I already had COX Digital Phone service before upgrading modem and never had this problem.  Just started.

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    Hello JRIC,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media team. I can assist you with the static on the line. Do you notice the static on all phones? Are you using a cordless telephone set? Do you have the telephone plugged directly into the back of the new modem? Let us know Thanks
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    This is the problem with VOIP... it's **

    COX is ripping and tearing out traditional copper phone lines that work flawlessly for over a century for this @#$$%!

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    And adding, you now need a modem to make a phone call!