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Upgrade Order Processed but not Reflected

I upgraded my services from essential to premier last night, and as of this morning the order has been processed. On my Cox account, I am still seeing essential, and am still getting about 15mbps down.

Things I've tried: 

Power cycling my modem

Rebooting my pc

Updating my ethernet card driver then repeating the above 2 items

Contacting Cox  IM (The person didn't even ask about the problem - they added a 6 month promotion and then closed the chat window)

My connection is wired to a docsis 3.0 modem, and my network card is a gigabit card, currently configured for 1gbps.

I assumed when the order was completed that I would be upgraded and ready to go. Is there more that needs to happen on Cox's end?

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    If your account is still showing Essential, then it isn't a technical issue, but a account issue. Either the work order to complete the service change wasn't done correctly or your looking at the wrong account. I think there is some way of seeing what kind of modem you have assigned to the account on Make sure you see your model modem and S/N is listed there. If not, then either a employee or moderator will need to assist.