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Upgrade not honored on bill

Has anyone else had this issue?  I logged into my account and out of curiosity I just clicked on the add/upgrade service and there was an offer for the 280 channel package with HBO for $3 less than what i was paying for my current plan.  When i got my bill it had charged me an extra $10 for the channel upgrade and the full $15.99 for HBO.  Before accepting the offer I even chatted with an online rep who walked me through the upgrade and confirmed it would lower my bill.  So after receiving the bill, I called and the phone representative had no clue and immediately removed me from that plan and removed HBO and refunded the charges rather than fix the bill to reflect the upgrade offer.  I spoke with 3 different online represenatives who all confirmed it was an error in the sign up and should not of charged all of that.  So they tell me to call and have it fixed to show the correct charges so i did.  I spoke with 3 more phone reps who all refused to honor the upgrade package.  Has anyone else been through this?  I'm about to cancel the service altogether due to it but just wanted to see if anyone else knew a fix before i do.  Thanks

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    haven't had the issue, but if you change something between billing cycles it should show in account activity online

  • Hi KyleL, the forums are for technical support issues that other Cox customers may reach out and assist other forum members with.

    If you need help with billing or other account specific issues, please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at

    We want to help you with this issue. We are here from 6am to 3am EST.