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Update to Channel Change?

TV: Magnavox 39MF412B/F7

Receiver/DVR: Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD

Remote: URC-8820-CISCO (Batteries test good)

HDMI Input on Source 1

SONY Blu-Ray Player and TELY HD HDMI webcam also connected on Sources 2 and 3

No input on Analog/Digital Cable or PC sources.

I may be imagining this, but up until recently, I recall being able to stay on TV mode and more quickly navigate channels than was possible through the DVR cable box, switching over to CABLE mode to use the channel guide and DVR list. When I think this through, though, I see no logic that would make the function as described possible, since the Cable Box input in HDMI is standalone. Maybe I'm going crazy.

What brought it to my attention was that last week I noticed an extreme delay start to occur when switching channels using the digits or CH Up/Down buttons, then today functionality completely disappeared with no physical changes made by anyone in my household. I was able to reset the remote to control the TV (volume and input source), Cable box (channel selection, digits, etc), and Blu-Ray player.

Aside from the sluggish performance, which lingers even after requesting a reset, this setup is workable. Just curious why it went from working so smoothly and quickly to dragging along with each channel change. And if my previous recalled experience has any validity, I'd like to know, or at least confirm that changing channels in TV mode is by default not possible. Thanks.

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  • Hi Gpiltz,

    There is a Rovi software bug known to cause latency between the remote and the cable receiver. Do you have channels saved in your skipped channels list? Press the Settings button on your remote, navigate to the Channels menu, and then choose Skipped Channels. Press the A button to remove all the skipped channels from the list.

    Also, the HD Auto-tune setting can sometimes cause the type of latency that you describe. Press the Settings button on your remote and see if you have HD Auto-tune turned on or off. Turn it off and see if the latency improves.