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Update Mac to OS Sierra 10.12.1 and can't use Cox Security Suite

I updated my Mac to run the new Sierra OS a few weeks ago. I was using the Cox Security Suite up till then. After the update the message read that the McAfee Suite is not compatible and will not run with the new OS. Any suggestions of what to do now? I liked running McAffe, it was free with the Cox subscription and it worked well. Will Cox or McAfee provide a version to run with the new OS?

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    Try checking with the website you originally downloaded it from to see if there is a new version.  Usually these messages are for the *currently* installed app, not necessarily the most recent version.

  • Hi Mimie,

    You might need to reinstall the Cox Security Suite. Go to to get started. Let us know if you run into any issues. We're always happy to help!