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"Up to 300Mbps" is that accurate?

I've been a customer of Comcast for many years (not by choice) and whenever I had service that advertised a speed it was usually accurate within 10%.

This isn't my first time around the block with testing my internet connection, I did it wired directly to the modem using the tools provided by Cox (not the random location) and I am getting between 140-195Mbps. Granted this is not a horrible speed, but it is between 45-65% of what I am paying for. Believe it or not, my upload speeds are spot on. Based on this I should be on the tier below saving an additional $20/month. Or would I suffer from the same ratios on my speeds?

I could do some additional trouble shooting , like taking my modem downstairs to where the cable comes in the house and unplugging everything, but I really don't want to go through the hassle if this is the best it is going to be.

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  • Hi benjsmith123,

    I was able to locate your account and the signal looks good. What device was used to test to the modem? Are the speeds intermittent, or are you unable to pass 195mbps at any time?

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    Seems pretty accurate to me, Ben. My home has always received the advertised speed, I started off with Premier a few years ago and later upgraded to Ultimate. Even my wireless clients hit 250-300 Mbps when in the same room as my router.

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