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Unusual high usage final three days before the new charges go into effect

After receiving notification texts and chatting with someone who was trying to get me to pay $50/month for unlimited I did finally get someone on the phone who took off the additional $80 in charges I was going to be getting on my bill but she had no answer for what just happened and now has me completely unsure of how to handle future usage. I'll try to make this short and sweet.

Prior to 11/8/17 I only used Cox for Internet services I have the preferred plan. I watched ALL of my t.v. thru Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now and Showtime Anytime. This would be everyday for at least three hours a day and eight hours a day on my two days off (I like the background noise while I'm putting around the house).  During the three cycles prior to 11/8/17 my highest usage was 1174 and my lowest was 999. This was using the streaming services without any concern

11/8/17 I have Cox come out and install television and telephone.

From 11/8-11/16 I am strictly watching Cox on demand except for one day where I watched Netflix for three hours while working in the garage. My average daily usage was 50-70 each day for all of the prior months I had just cable.

On Nov. 13th I get a notification I'm at 85% and I think no problem since I am now only watching Cox on demand I have nothing to worry about. On November 16th I see a notification that I'm not at 146%. Whoa no way there must be a mistake. I go to the usage meter and on 11/13=216, 11/14=201 and 11/15=218. This is crazy, I haven't streamed anything in three days. 

11/16 I get home from work and I contact Cox via chat. Chatted with Sam T. Every single message was that I need to consider unlimited for $50.00 more per month.  I keep telling him I haven't been streaming for three days but the next is that I need to consider unlimited because my usage is so high. I give up on Sam T. because he has me ready to pull my hair out. I call Cox and get a nice woman named Karen who tells me that the On Demand comes off my data.  Luckily I had already searched the forums and had a reply from cox to that very question in which she itemized all of the Cox options that do not go against your data and On Demand was one of them. So Karen believes that I have a problem and she instantly takes the $80 in additional charges off of my upcoming bill (I hope). She tells me to keep an eye on the meter daily to make sure it's not continuing. I turn off wi-fi to my cell phone and my iPad since these are the only items that I have on wifi.  I look at my daily usage for yesterday and it's 103. I got home from work at 10 a.m. turned off everything by noon and watched on-demand when I went to bed at 3 p.m. I used 103 GB doing absolutely nothing internet related. 

I get home from work this morning and have to do something since this bothered me throughout the night. Why do I have to turn off wi-fi to anything in my house if this wasn't a problem since I started Cox internet in July? I'm not even streaming anymore which I was able to do daily without a problem. 

So I'm throwing this question out to the forum. I think if Cox tries to whack me with having to purchase additional data each month when I already pay 69.00 per month for internet and now 133.00 for television and telephone I need to get rid of Cox completely. I'm sure I'll have to file a complaint with the FCC if they decide to tell me I have to pay early termination fees or whatever but I'm really not going to take this lying down. Everything was fine before they decided to place a cap on internet and it seems very suspicious that my usage skyrockets three days before they start doing this. BTW I live alone so I'm the only one here and no one else could be tapping into my wi-fi since no-one else including myself knows the password without having to look on the bottom of the wi-fi modem.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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    yeah we have the same issue
    Data Usage cap is just a rip off
    we're currently 93% of our data usage this is *** **
    we're way behind to be piss off with cox right now
    after 11 years with cox we decide to stop tolerating this ** from cox
    we going with century link next week they should be in our home for installation
    we can't wait to close our cox account for good just one more lousy week
    we have reached the point where we don't really care how good century link are
    has long we stop doing business with cox is all good
    that is how bad cox has become and probably cox doesn't  even care
    PS it was not enough that cox services is always pathetic with dumbasses costumer support
    now they want charge us for more money
    well Goodbye cox because you just lost this costumers that is already a FACT..!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Same here.  Our usage has always been under 1024 until they decide to put a cap on it and now all of a sudden we are going over. My bill shows an extra $50.00 this month.  I have been checking daily and for the few days we are into the new month we have already used 1/3 of our data which is outrageous. We have not changed our habits. Yesterday no-one in the house watched netflix (I checked our usage on the netflix site and we did not connect at all yesterday) or anything else and we were still at 74 GB. How is that possible? Something is not right here. I smell a class action suite coming,

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