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Unstable Internet - 5 technicians later

Here's a post I put on Facebook seeking help. I post it here because it summarizes the situation:

Do I know anyone who knows someone with some sort of authority at Cox Communications? We have had unstable internet speeds (upload speed in particular) since day one of living in our new place (September 29th). We have had 5 technicians out (they're as tired of coming out as I am of having them), I've talked to support (tier one, tier two, and supervisors of said teams) 30+ times easily. They've told me that maintenance (a separate team from technicians, maintenance works on the network while techs only work from the house to the street) was working known issues at a node on three occasions, all three being marked as resolved while my instability remains. I'm lost on how to actually get it fixed or who I need to talk to make it happen. We're supposed to pay for 300down / 30up...70% of the time our upload speed is between 0-4mbps. Unfortunately, Verizon FiOS seems to be available in several neighborhoods nearby but not at our house or else we'd have switched already. Anyone?

I have swapped out one panoramic modem/router combo for another. Didn't solve. I have purchased a modem recommended from a reputable source, and although it did drastically reduce my "worst" ping on my tracerts, it did not solve the problem. (I was getting a worst of 184 on my OWN home network with the panoramic and the highest I saw was around 50 on the new modem). So we can rule out a modem issue.

The technicians have dropped a new line and bured it, they've replaced basically every cable we have.

I have many screenshots of the instability. I will post some below, but have lots more on my desktop at home that I will be adding. My internets performance looks like a seismograph of the worlds worst earthquake.

Let me point out in many of these photos of the graphs for broadcasting..I'm only running 4,000 to 4,500 kbps bitrate. This is only 4mbps -> 4.5mbps...We're supposed to have 30. Then when you consider the "minimum bitrate" that its registering during this instability you see numbers like 210kbps (see first photo)...on other occasions (and in photos I will provide when I get home) we drop to 0...we lose upload 100%.

Here's what's happened over the last 2 hours at my house where we're not even using the internet except to look at this log of its stability:

Here's some screenshots over the last month or two:

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  • StevenC,

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