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Uncorrectables on 3 channels

Should I be concerned with the number of uncorrectables on these three channels?  Every time I reboot the modem I get errors on channels 89/90/91 the modem was last reset 2 1/2 days ago.  A tech has come out to check cables and such and someone is supposed to come out and look at the tap but that hasn't happened yet. Just curious as to what this might be.


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    Are you having issues with the service causing you to reboot the modem? If so, what's going on? Are you having speed or connection issues?

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    I get occasional lag spikes. I figured this would be some kind of signal ingress issue.  Thought it was worth taking a look at since the stats on my modem continue to rise on those channels and I am probably not the only one with errors in my area.

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