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Uncorrectables issue

Hello, i want to start by saying i dont know very much about all of this stuff, but im noticing alot of uncorrectables on my downstreams. I do not currently have a computer, so i will post screenshots from phone of specs. What can be causing this? Im having alot of disconnection issues and alot of random high ping. I never had these issues a month ago. Im also connected to modem, not wifi. Ping used to run around 24-40 area, now im lucky to get below an 80. Have tested with multiple games, same result across the board. Have tried connecting via xbox and ps4. Same result.

I had tech support out awhile back with speed issues and they claimed to have replaced everything leading to my apartment. I have no idea what to check or change. All connections inside apartment are fine, and my cable was bought 30 mins ago. Please help me.

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    So i actually just checked again, and now theres uncorrectables on all 8 downstreams and its rising. I also forgot to mention that i also have a huge event log built up. Im only going to post 1 screenshot, as the list goes on and on.

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    Phantom4421  , 

    I show that you called in today and has a service call scheduled for tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes.