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Unable to setup Cox email on iPhone

I have tried all of the recommendations on th Internet Forum to resolve incorrect account name/password.

I have noticed that everytime I log in to webmail via Internet that it always says my password does not

match on all sites.  I select update all, but still get that message everytime.  Is it possible that

there is an issue with Cox servers not updating all passwords as requested and causing this issue

for so many users?  Please find s solution for all of us that are suffering. Thank you 

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    What is the message exactly? Can you show a screenshot? Sounds like Cox is trying to combine their billing system login and email login and set up a system to ask people if they want them one in the same. My guess is this is something a moderator or someone at Cox will have to look at.

  • Michael Griffiths,

    Is the affected email address the one you registered for Cox Forums with? If so, the email address is showing as not active for email service. It may be the address is still associated with a former account, which would likely still let you log in to to view up to the most recent 18 months of bills but wouldn't allow much else.

    If the account in question is a different login than the one you used to register for forums I'd need to obtain your account information and would ask that you email us your inquiry at to get this resolved.


    Our billing system login and email login has been combined now for quite some years, though I remember a time when it wasn't. ;-)