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Unable to send e-mails, but I can still receive them.

Webmail works fine, but using outlook, windows live mail,  or my android e-mail client will give me the same problem. Yes I have checked and double checked the ports and checked authentication when needed. I'm been on the phone with 3 different reps and even a tier 2 customer support agent. This started happening 3 weeks ago, and I made no changes whatsoever. Cox told me basically if webmail is working, then its fine. I need easier access to my email rather than going to webmail. Anyone know a fix for this? Thank you! 

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    I am having a similar problem - iphone 6s can't send email when on cellular.  I can receive email when on cellular and I can send and receive when on wifi.  I verified all settings and even deleted my email account and reinput.  i have been to tier 2 with cox and they blew me off said it was a phone problem.  I went down to the apple store and the person I dealt with said he personally had the same problem with 6 other people who had cox email.  I escalated to tier 2 at apple and they found the same thing.

    How can this be resolved.  It is clearly a cox problem.

    if this can't be resolved, my option is to use gmail and if I do that I will dump cox entirely after more than 30 years and go with direct TV.

    Can anyone be of help?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Please confirm the settings you have selected at the present time.

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    After reading all the posts about the exact same problem I am having, I will save myself the grief of having no solution from Cox and jump to Gmail. 

    Yes, I have called,  loaded, reloaded, changed passwords, cleaned cache, danced a jig, and sprinkled pixie dust over all. I will wait until tomorrow to see if my settings work, then it's Adios, Cox!

  • I am having the same challenges but only with Outlook. Have tried every possible setting POP/IMAP etc.  i can't even go to the webmail and change any of my user profiels w/o getting an error message.  Several different techs at Tier one and Tier two are stumped.  Microsoft is also at a loss.  i can not send email from my iphone or ipad. When will Cox fix this it was all working fine and then wham - its not. This is unacceptable.

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    Please make sure in your outgoing server settings that you are selecting the option to enter the user name and password and enter the requested information. Please do not use the option to use the same as the incoming server. If you are still having problems, we will need to further investigate and we will need your account and contact information. Please don't post any personal information on this public tread. You can reach us at,,, or by calling your local market. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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    Having the exact same issue on all of my apple devices. Is there a solution to this problem? Why has Cox not posted a reply to these questions?