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unable to resume playback of recorded program

While watching a DVR'd show last night I felt myself dropping off slowly to slumber so I hit the "TV" power button on the XR 11 Cox voice remote. About 10 or so minutes later, still awake, I turned the TV back on, which automatically resumed the show was right where I left it. Not soon after that I knew it wouldn't be long before sleep would win, so once again I hit the TV power button on the XR 11.

This morning I intended to view the rest of the program. Having found it in the "Saved" list I also noticed the word "watched" highlighted in blue on the same line as the program. I thought this odd, as I was certain that I hadn't finished it and was equally positive that I didn't fall asleep with the TV on. What I also noticed was that I couldn't detect a "resume" option or selection. The only choice appeared to be to start the show all over again.

Was this an oddball occurrence or a temporary glitch? Has it happened to anyone else? What might have been the cause and more importantly, is there anything an end user could do to troubleshoot and possibly correct it?

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    It sounds like when you hit the TV button, it only turned the TV off and the DVR was still powered and playing the show. Try hitting the All Power button in the opposite corner and let me know if the same thing happens.

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    Am fairly certain it *was* the TV power button I'd hit. Following your suggestion I tried the other button, "All Power". The results were that I was still unable to resume where I'd left the movie; had to step on the fast-forward gas pedal to get to the previous point. 

    Is this an irregularity or system malfunction? What is the recommended way of powering off the STB and resuming a recorded show/movie? How would a user know when to use either power off option?

  • Hi Tonguetwister,

    As Stephanie mentioned, if you only powered the TV off last night and not the DVR, the show would have played through to its completion. That's why it shows as "watched" and had no "resume viewing" option. The DVR played the through to completion (even though the TV was turned off.)

    Were you watching on a TV connected to a Contour 2 Host Receiver, or a Contour 2 client receiver? The remote control Power button works differently between the Host and Client receivers. The Host receiver can be powered on, but not off, with the All Power Button on the Cox remote. To power down a host receiver, use the Power button on the front of the receiver. I understand that this is not a good option when you are drifting off to sleep.

    So that you can utilize the Resume Viewing option, you’ll need to get into the habit of pressing the Exit button before turning the TV off. Pressing Exit will take you back to the Saved menu and allow you to resume viewing at the spot you left off. Learn more about the Contour 2 power settings at

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    One thing's for certain is that the receiver in question is not the mini box; it's an XG1-A. I've no idea whether it's what you're referring to as a host or client receiver. Which one IS the XG1-A?

    The two other boxes here (both minis) don't have blue power buttons in front but, like the XG1-A are controlled by XR-11 remotes. If I understand your recommendations correctly, hitting "exit", and not "All Power" is the only way to enable future 'resume' selection when powering down if watching a recording? 

    What I'm still unclear on is the difference between the two power buttons (TV and All Power) and when either of their use is preferable. 

  • Hi tonguetwister,

    The XG1-A is a Host DVR for the New Contour and will not power off with the XR-11 remote. The XR-11 can be programmed to a TV and audio device. If only programmed to the TV, then only the TV Power is needed to be utilized.

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