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unable to record from beginning of show being watched

I used to be able to record a show I was watching from the beginning even after I had been watching it for a while as long as I hadn't changed the channel and the beginning of the program was in the 60 minute buffer.  This no longer seems to be the case and I think it is a great loss of functionality.  I have tried opening the Guide and hitting the record button while there and I have tried rewinding the show to the beginning of the buffer and hitting record there.  Neither worked; the recording always starts at the time I press the button.  Hoping the program will be replayed at some point in the future or that it will be available On Demand is a poor solution.  I would really like this feature restored.

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  • SB Boy

    I agree, that was a really great feature! Sadly at this time it can't be done with a 6-tuner DVR. For now, On Demand is the way to view the shows you wanted to record but couldn't.

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    sb,  thanks for posting this.  i thought I was the only one having problems. the screen would show "The recording has been set" but it ends up in the Missed Recordings category.    

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    I switched from Dish to Cox recently, and I'm sorry I did. Dish has this functionality, which is one I feel is important. Also, with Cox, I also can't record a tv show and then transfer it to my phone to watch on an airplane.
  • With Contour 2 from Cox, you can turn on a show after it has begun and choose to record it from the beginning, or watch it from the beginning. Also, Contour 2 customers can purchase On Demand programming via a Contour 2 receiver and then view the content on multiple devices. Downloaded content can be viewed at any time without an Internet connection using the Contour app. Purchases can be downloaded or streamed on up to three devices at a time.

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    Becky, I have been unable to do this and even went to a Cox store.  They tried it and couldn't do it and said it can't be done with the current hardware.  This is reflected in Stephanie's response above.  I'd be interested in how you are doing this.  Thanks, SB Boy

  • My apologies. The options to watch or record an in-progress show from the beginning are features that we're working towards adding. These features have not yet been launched. I'm sorry for the confusion!

    Contour 2 customers can purchase On Demand programming via a Contour 2 receiver and then view the content on multiple devices.