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Unable to Record Center Ice

I am in Henderson, NV and subscribe to Center Ice.  For the first few weeks everything was fine.  I could watch and record the games with no problem.  On Wednesday suddenly all the Center Ice channels changed from saying "Center Ice" to CLVG2HD1672, CLVG2HD1672, etc.  I can still watch the games, but I can no longer record them.  If I hit record I receive the message "Sorry, this event is no longer available for purchase" even if the game is currently on or in the future.

Thank you for any help/suggestions!


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  • Hello LifeIsABeach,

    Thanks for your message on our Forums! Are you attempting to record games on the Center Ice channels over the receiver, website, or App? How much storage percentage is available on the receiver, and are you finding any troubles recording other channels?