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Unable to receive emails at from one source.

I think this problem is solved. I found the missing emails in my Spam folder although I have no idea why they started going there. I should have read past forum entries which put me on the right track. Thanks everyone.


I have a family member in Florida with whom I've been corresponding by email for years. He uses and I use As of about a week ago none of his emails to me show up in my cox email inbox. Through testing (while talking on the telephone) we've determined that my email FROM TO him at arrives just fine. The problem occurs ONLY when he sends email to me. As a further test I had him send an email (from to a friend who also uses The friend also did not receive the email. So the problem appears to be that cox does not receive emails from My family member can send emails from to other (not email addresses and they arrive fine.There are no error messages on either end, it's as if the emails just disappear into outer space..

Does anyone know how I can isolate this problem to to the sender ( or the receiver (

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • radiok0tw,

    Have you logged in to your webmail on and checked your spam folder and settings? It would also be a good idea to check your blocked senders list.