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Unable to downgrade due to no promotions ?? WTH?

Question:  I have been a cox customer for many years now, and I have upgraded my internet service twice over the past few years, and i see in my bill that their is going to be yet another price increase starting Oct 4th.  I am on disability, and as a disabled person, I sure the heck cant afford 104.99 a month for my internet.  That is 20.00 more than what I currently pay.  So I call and speak to several people before getting to the Loyalty Department, and continue my question to the rep on downgraded my service to an affordable level. 

He says to me in so many words, that their are no promotions being offered in order for me to downgrade?  I'm sorry, Im not looking to find a promotion, Im looking to save my wallet from being totally vacated of money.  Im not sure where the break in communication is with myself and these reps, but clearly I am not making myself very clear to them.  I just want to downgrade my service to an affordable amount.  I shouldn't need a promotion to do this.  right?  Please advise me if I am missing something.  Thanks folks.

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    Hello McGinphx,

    This is not what we like to hear. I'd like to have an account specialist review your account. Please send this forum link, your full name, and address to We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks