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Unable to connect to other client/server in P2P game

Hi.  I'm trying to connect (whether as client or as server) in a P2P game with another person.  I can ping and traceroute to the other person's computer, but my computer/network is not responsive to ping or traceroute.  I have tried turning Windows Firewall (running Windows 10) off, and it makes no difference.

Using another network to try to reach my public IP:

- Ping results in "Request timed out"

- Traceroute results in the following last few steps:


11 []


13 []

14 []

All the remaining steps (15-30) show Request timed out

Is there something I need to do to get this working?  I can access the internet fine (up and down) for all other purposes.

Thank you!

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    @OC Guy

    If you're using a router most likely your traffic is being stopped there as how the IP of the device you're trying to game on would not be reachable from the Internet. It may be necessary to reach out to support for the game in question to determine what their network connection requirements are for the router if any.