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Unable to connect to email SMTP server that with .in domain

I have recently moved and migrated from SPECTRUM to COX cable internet.

Now I am unable to connect to my work email SMTP server that has *.in domain. I am able to download the email from that server, but unable send any emails. I am able to to access and send email using my other accounts that have domain name *.com.

I wasn't facing this problem while I using SPECTRUM for last few years.  Can someone help me resolve this issue?

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    This would be the setting for cox email ID.

    But if I am using other email server (my company email server)  the SMTP is: . I am able to download the email from this server ( but not able send any email.

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    If you're trying to connect to that server on port 25 this is filtered for security reasons and will not work. You can switch to secure SMTP if they support it or just use our SMTP for your work email.