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Unable to connect new TV to cable

Bought a new Samsung TV and I couldn't connec to Cox. The TV's setup provided the cable boxes it could connect to and my cable box was not included. It is a Motorola DCH 3200. I've tried several times to explain this to Cox Support without any help. Cox keeps referring me to the Support Page, "Connecting a Cox Cabel Receiver to Your Television". Thought I'd try and see anyone has had this problem. 

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    Cox isn't listed as a Cable Provider..or Cox is listed but your TV can't detect the Motorola?

    Is the Motorola powered on during your setup?

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    Cox is a cable provider for the TV. The Motorola I have was not listed as a receiver they recognized. Other types of Cox receivers were listed that the TV did recognize. The cable box was turned on.

  • Hi Matoaka,

    How do you have the Motorola connected to the TV? Are you using a coax cable, an HDMI cable, or component cables?
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    Is this for the Samsung Smart Control setup?  Meaning, you want to control your TV and its connected external devices (Motorola) with your Samsung remote control?  If not, ignore my post.

    I'm assuming you've already connected the coaxial cable from your wall to your've connected an HDMI cable from your Motorola to your Samsung.

    Perhaps, instead of letting your Samsung auto-detect your Motorola, you can manually enter it as "DCH3200."

    I found these procedures on

    Control the TV and the Connected External Devices Together with Samsung Smart Control.

    1.  Connect the external device to control with the universal remote control to an HDMI port on the TV, and then turn on the external device.

    2.  Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart Control, to access the Home Screen.

    3.  Using the directional pad on your remote, navigate to and select Source.

    4.  Select Universal Remote Setup on the Source screen.

    5.  Select Start to set up your Samsung TV remote as a universal remote, so you can easily control all your devices.

    6.  Select device type to set up to control with your remote (Cable or Satellite Box, Home Theater System, Blu-ray player).

    7.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup and register the device.  The on-screen instructions may vary, depending on the device type selected.

    8.  If the external device does not respond after being registered, register it again using its model number.

    9.  If the device is connected to the TV, select TV.  If it is connected to a Home Theater System or Soundbar, select Home Theater System.

    Note:  To connect a Set Top Box, it must be connected via an HDMI cable. The TV will not recognize the STB if it is connected by coaxial cable.