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Unable to access currently subscribed channels "on the go" (via iPad, Mac, Apple TV, etc.)

I saw a similar post on this forum dating back in 2012 which was coincidentally n the same city as I am located. We have Bravo as part of our package, but whenever I try to view Bravo from an iPad or Mac, I am unable to do so. It has me login with my Cox username and password (which is successful), but then I receive an error from Bravo saying that there was an error/issue with the cable provider (i.e. Cox). From there, all I can do is log out. This has been an issue for a few months now (I have never been able to successfully access this channel on anything other than the tv). 

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    Hi JASnyder5,

    We're happy to assist. Are you able to access any of Bravo content via the website?