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Unable to Access Cox On Demand on Tivo Bolt

I have a Tivo Bolt (and a Roamio) and neither list Cox On Demand as a video provider. I thought it just wasn't available in my area but turns out others in my area report having it. I ran across a thread on where some had the problem resolved by contacting Cox. Here is the quote from post on tivocommunity for a fix with same problem as me:

 'as it turned out, the On-Demand flag was present on my tuning unit, but not my cablecard' portion to online chat who said they were able to find the flag to add on demand to my cable card in their admin and voila, a tivo connect later, and I had cox ondemand in my provider list! 

Here is a link to the thread in question:

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  • Hi Jparker97,

    I'm so sorry for the frustrating this has caused! I have added the Cox VOD code to your account. You will need to force a connection to the TiVo service on both TiVo devices in order to load the Cox VOD launchpoint.

    BOLT: Settings & Messages > Network Settings > Connect to the TiVo service now
    Roamio: Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > Connect to the TiVo service now

    After completing this process on both TiVos, please let me know if you are able to view and play titles from Cox On Demand.

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    I'm having the exact same issue with my bolt.  The launch point doesn't show up.

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    You are awesome! I now have Cox On Demand on both the Bolt and the Roamio! Thank you so much!!


  • jparker,

    That's fantastic news! Enjoy!


    Please email me at with your full name and complete street address as well as a reference to your forum name or this thread so I can take a look at the account.