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Unable to access channels

We are unable to access several channels, 59 (History Channel being the most problematic.   I get broken sound, pixelated picture and a screen that pops up saying the there is no signal.  This has been an issue since Cox switch to all digital. We have gotten a new mini box but the problem remains and if anything has gotten worse because more channels are affected.  Now we are fed up paying a high fee for channels we have not gotten for almost a year.     My cable is fine, my splitter has been replaced and my internet connect is not affected.    I need a resolution.

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    how do you know it is fine?  have you had cox out to check tv and internet are on different frequencies, so you might have issues with tv and not internet or issues with internet and not tv or both could be out.

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    There is no resolution well no long term one. I have had the same problem ever since these boxes have come out and they tried to  reset it or whatever they do on the phone and they have even came out to my house to get the channels to work for a while,then it's back on the phone for me telling them channels are out again.

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    Since you have already checked the connections, I suggest scheduling a technician to come out and get this resolved. Please email me with the service details and a link to this post to