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Ultimate Internet vs 1 Gig Service

why is the cost the same for 300 mb service as it is for 1 gig service?

i pay $100 per month for 300 mb service (the best available to my home) but this seems unreasonable. if Cox had upgraded their infrastructure i would pay the same $100 per month for over 300% faster broadband speeds.

Cox associates agree with me that this is unreasonable, however they cannot (or will not) discount my pricing.

I'd like a corporate response to my irrational billing situation.

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    It cost money and takes time to install the infrastructure. It's like asking why two people pay the same for a phone when one gets 4G service and the other only gets 3G. Are you saying they should reduce the price of a service just because they came out with a better service? What other ISP does that? If you want better service, move somewhere that has better infrastructure. Otherwise you can only buy what they have  in your area. 

  • your response is illogical.  your response elicits that the cost of new infrastructure should be born by those reaping the benefits.  i'm on an old legacy infrastructure but pay the going rate for those with fiber...???

    that's like saying the cost of a used car should be the same for a new car.

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    So if Verizon started offering faster cell phone speed in my state, but only in some areas and only if you have the right phone, that should force them to lower the price of normal service for everyone in that state? Or when my area got FIOS, should my DSL price gone down? Or if a neiborhood over gets new and better streets, does that mean I get to pay less taxes for my streets?  I don't think so. This isn't a upgrade to Cox service like D2 to D3 was, this is a entirely different kind of service. Comparing them is like apples and oranges. You can't just compare speeds, it's HFC vs FTTH/FTTP.

  • if there was competition (when there is none) then i would love to move to a better service.  without competition this monopoly collects what they want.

    if ATT offered better, faster service than Verizon then you could switch.  You might even be able to price compare.  however, the pricing for Cox's decades old infrastructure keeps rising and they sue any city that attempts to allow any competitors in the market, then i'm being taken advantage of.  it's the story of many industries/technologies on the back end of their bell curve; they charge what they can as long as they can all for their bottom line.  Cox has proven to be a reactive company and not a proactive one.

    i'm happy to pay for better services, but the provider has to offer them.  i would leave Cox in a heartbeat if a better company could compete in the market.  bring me google balloons!

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