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Ultimate Internet Speed Issues


I just need help i just upgraded my internet service from premier to ultimate but running on speed test i am only hitting 240mbps tops and it should be 300mbps connection wise everything is in good shape. btw i am using a Motorola SBG6580 modem

Please advise,

Thank you

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  • Hi juners03, the SBG6580 only has 8 downstream channels. You will need a modem that has at least 16 downstream channels in order to reach 300 Mbps.

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    Thanks Brian any recommendation whats the best modem for my service? i prefer buying my own modem rather than renting it. 

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    See here for Cox approved modems and gateways.  Any with at least 16 downstream channels should work.  I recommend a separate modem and router instead of a gateway.  The SB6183 or SB6190 are good choices.  Pair that with a Netgear Nighthawk or ASUS wireless ac router and you're in business.