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Two issues I need help with badly

1. I tend to my Aunt and Uncle's computer who live about 5 miles away (also cox). I use 'remote utilities' to connect and manage their work. but it is excruciatingly slow, and I frequently lose the connection. I do the same for my other aunt/uncle who live in the house across the street from where I am (Sun City).

there is an alternate way to connect and that goes IP to IP bypassing the proxy server in between and I think this might help. But I can't get into their modem (from their house. I can get TO the admin login, but not logged in).

The admin username/password is not available. I tried using cox chat support but they REPEATEDLY tell me to use a guest account which isn't going to do anything. i need the ADMIN account credentials so i can open the port temporarily when I have connection issues so I can go direct.

After almost half hour with this i'm referred to call. So I do and the wait time is 30 minutes. Are you kidding me? and thre is no callback feature? who in the world has time to sit on hold for that time to get tech support?

Does anyone know a better way to accomplish this, or another app? It really doesn't matter which app, even if I use RDP because I would still need to open a port or at worst put the PC in the DMZ long enough to work.

I need a better solution because i would say i get 30 to 45 seconds of active connection then lose it for up to 2 minutes before it comes back for a half a minute again.

If I can resolve both of these issues I could live with the tech support.

Anyone have any ideas?

I've got issues with my modem (TG2472). no matter how i get in, i see "Your unit is updating, please wait for a moment." for a LONG time. Sometimes 20 minutes or more, and this happens with every page change.

Also just a whine break. I know it takes a long time to bring up all the channels, but does it sound normal to take 8.5 minutes to get my modem fully online from unplugged? This isn't an exaggeration.

Does anyone have a better recommendation of a modem to buy?


I will say I had packet loss issues and it turns out it was the demarc. but when I finally got through the tech (a well educated tech) got here within 5 minutes of his scheduled time and was very knowledgeable

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    actually make that 3 things.

    I just went to review my 'contour' settings.

    this is what I see when i go:

    My Contour Preferences

    Contour device

    We don't see any Contour devices on your account.

    Looking to upgrade your TV experience?

    Get personalized recommendations based on the programs and channels you love to watch from anyroom in your home with Contour.

    I have a contour 2 dvr and 3 extensions

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    #1 Drive to your Aunt and Uncle's 5 miles away and just walk to your other Aunt and Uncle's across the street.

    #2 Arris/Motorola SB6183, $76.69 on Amazon.

    #3 Go to your nearest solutions store and beg/plead with them to allow you to exchange the inherently buggy Contour boxes for the next Rovi equipped box that gets returned by an unsuspecting customer looking to upgrade their viewing experience with Contour.

    #'s 1 & 3 sound snarky but you'll be better off in the long run. Eliminating aggravation and wasted time should be the top concerns.

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    Across the street isn't a big deal, but that 5 miles is down Bell road from 95th ave to 55th in Sun City/Glendale Az ave and it can take 20 minutes to get there depending on traffic. the freeway and the lights are AWFUL.

    I should have specified that.

    I JUST got tv from COX> i was unplugged for several years but the SO won't stop whining about needing other channels. So i got a contour for her. Those boxes you're talking about are older?

  • Mindzipper,

    I was able to recreate the error message you encountered when checking My Contour Preferences. I've reported it for you. I'm glad the tech was able to restore your service.

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    I missed this (always catches me that my reply window sits above the replies below. Just getting used to the forum layout).

    thank you. I tested this on both my aunt and uncle's homes (i manage all 3) and there's both work. I'm the sad little stepchild that doesn't :)

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    You can reach out here 24/7. Have a good night!

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