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two complaints Re: does anyone have the same problems with: 1.) COX's Cable Box Filters and 2.) COX's billing methods

I just upgraded to the new cable boxes that Cox is "providing" it's customers. I didn't need a new cable box, or any kind of service or an upgrade of any type , My cable box and my connection worked perfectly until I got home after a trip to a Cox office. My neighbor (i.e. the person renting the place next to me) wanted to add a cable box along with some sports channels for his room, So I accompanied him to our local "Cox" cable store so we can find what was needed to get his cable set up. I wasn't given a choice just a new connection box to replace my working box along with the mini box as an addition for my neighbors room. to make the experience even more fun I was told I have to make a trip of over 5.5 miles home and another 5.5 miles back to return my working cable box or I'd get billed for it. (When a bicycle is your only means of transportation, over eleven extra miles is not, just around the corner) after a verbal run around for close to an hour at the Cox office I go home to find that my working cable box has been disconnected. I have no choice and change to the new "Better" cable box and after trying about 30 times to connect along with multiple calls to Cox for help I was stuck with my working cable box that was disconnected and a new cable box that won't work. I had to get one of the repair men out to find the problem. close to a week with no service, I'm forced to take another day off work to wait for the cable guy to be sent out to me. The cable repair person and his assistant tried everything they could think of over the span of thirty minutes and although I had a really good connection coming through, the box didn't work and after trying another box I was still getting great service in to the cable but the new boxes didn't accept the connection. The repair person followed the cable out of my place and out to a main distribution box to find that the Cox has a digital filter that didn't let the digital service come through so the old box I had worked but the new "better" box couldn't get through until the filter was removed and the signal was free to come into my place. The repair person told me that because it was Cox who made the error and it had nothing to do with me, my connection, my signal or anything else that I could have control over, I wouldn't be charged for the house call but I'm looking at my account online and I'm seeing a $55.00 charge for something Cox did wrong. does anyone know the number to call or do I go to some higher office to get this charge removed from my bill? if anyone has a solution to this dilemma I could use the help, but that's the second and lesser complaint, if you can believe it Although my neighbor leases "#24-A" and I'm in "#24-C" The computer program at the Cox company only has "#24" and even though I see housing complexes with dozens and a few with over a hundred rooms leased out and paying separately, according to the billing programs the computer system I didn't have a choice in adding a person I barely know and his cable charges to my account that has never been late on a bill and has had perfect early payments for over 20 years. Now because of the way COX has it's payment computer programs, the only way my neighbor could get anything for his room was by adding it to my account. because we have the same address. The place is rented and the leases are signed separately as "A" through "D" but the computer program used by Cox only has the address and not the lettering dividing the lease holders or actual mailing addresses so according to the people working in the Archer store in Gainesville, Florida I don't have a choice and have to add him on to my account and what happens if he decides NOT to pay his bill and it's all under my name? I'm 100% sure that Cox is not going to say: "It's OK, we're not going to make you pay for his bills it's all under your name and he doesn't have to sign anything to show it's him that's going to be held responsible but we wont charge you for his share of the bill". if there is a person I can talk to or write to that has the power to change the program used to bill people who would it be and where can this person be found because this computer program has to be upgraded or changed to hold each person responsible for their own bills.

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    Angel, let me take a look into this for you. Please send an email to please include this forum post and your full addres. Thanks
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    FWIW, I seem to have the same issue #1. A Cox tech came out on Thursday (I didn't call and was not expecting a tech) and said that my modem signal level was low and needed to be fixed. I have only Cox internet but had ordered a Contour DVR but had not received it yet. He said it didn't have anything to do with that, he didn't know anything about the Contour order. Anyway, he removed an ancient Cox telephone interface box but the level was still low. He then checked at the pedestal on the street and found an old filter and removed it. Huge improvement, signal in spec now. OK, I had not noticed any problems before but great. The Contour box arrived the next day (Friday) and I hooked it up and it seems to work. I looked at my bill and there's a $55 charge for installation. They didn't do any install, there wasn't even anything to install when the tech came. I got on chat and the chat guy said that they would be crediting my account for the $55. We'll see.

    I'm in Phoenix are, BTW.

    Those pesky old filters seem to be the source of lots of problems.

  • Hi MarkEM,

    Adjustments can take up to 48 hours to update in our database. You may view your statement online. We can also review your account to confirm the adjustment. Please email us back with your street address where you have services, and the primary name on the account.