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Twitter support & Password reset blocked


This appears to be a recurring or never actually solved problem. Please help.

I do not receive twitter support or twitter password reset e-mails in my cox account. I do receive regular twitter notifications about people tweeting etc.

If I use a non-cox account, I get support e-mails. 

My problem is that my twitter account is linked to my cox account and I need to reset my password to clear an account lock. This can only be done if cox e-mail works correctly.

This appears to be a cox issue but cox does not believe it. If cox support would read their own forums, they would see that this is an ongoing problem.

I called and actually spoke to cox tech support and when I asked if twitter was being blocked, he responded that cox was not related to twitter. Although technically correct, a completely useless response. I explained that I knew that cox was not related to twitter and I asked again if cox was blocking twitter. He finally said that cox has no filters that block twitter.

I have checked my spam and deleted folders. Nothing there.

I have set spam settings to "move to spam folder". Nothing twitter there.

There is no place to whitelist e-mail so no help there.

I have used multiple methods to access my cox e-mail (outlook, Thunderbird, webmail). Nothing there.

If you don't believe it is a problem, just search your own forums for "twitter".

I do believe this is not limited to cox. Google search finds the issue at multiple ISPs.

Please help.

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  • Hi T.Kennedy, if you setup the account with Twitter and also supplied a telephone number for authentication purposes you can use that as a method of authenticating your Twitter account. One work around may be to have Twitter send the email from a different server. Are you experiencing any issues with any other emails being sent to you?