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Hi, when I went in to pay my internet they offered me a TV for a minimum cost. Do I need a cord or something to run to my TV so I can get it. i do not want TV on my computer. If this is going to be more then I wish to cancel this item. My TV says it has no connection. I called and got no response from anyone. I will go tomorrow and cancel this and I expect a refund. Thanks.

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    What was the name of the plan they offered you?

    Most plans will require that you have a cable wiring running from the pole to your house and some how get to the room the TV is in. Also, you will need a cable box to connect to the TV; mini box, advance box, HD box, DVR, Contour, Contour 2, etc. The only plan that doesn't require it is the plan they sell that just allows you to watch TV on your computer or phone.

  • Hi Donna,

    If you have an HDTV, the more common connection would be HDMI. This would require an HDMI cable. What model box did you receive and what connections does your TV have?