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TV versus PC reception

I have found that I can watch a number of movies via "On Demand" on my PC as a Prime member, but I can't watch these same movies on my TV without a subscription.  Am I missing something in my settings or is this intentional for some reason?  I would like an email response at

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    We don't suggest posting your personal information on our public forum. You can email us at or we can trouble shoot here. On what titles are you getting this message? What type of receiver do you have?

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    Sal, let me see if I'm getting this correctly ... you can watch a movie using Amazon Prime on your PC but can't watch the same title using Cox On Demand on your TV.  Am I correct?  If not, please explain with you mean by "Prime", thanks.

    If so, Amazon Prime and Cox On Demand are two different things.  It's like buying a ticket at one movie theater then trying to use it at another.  One subscription has nothing to do with the other.

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    Sometimes it is useful though. Could this be related to the user/password issue you had with Opera? Maybe you are using a user/password that is assigned to a different account with more cable services. Try using the same user/password as you use if/when you pay your bill online. There is also a way to check what equipment you have on your account. If you sign in with the same user/password as before, and don't see your model/serial number of your box on the account, then you know there is a account mix up somewhere.

    PS. Above assume you meant "Premier" and not "Prime". Premier is part of "Cox Contour TV Premier" package that include watching TV online. If you meant Amazon, that has nothing to do with Cox.