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T.V. TILING RECEPTION ISSUES (Wasena neighborhood/ Roanoke, Va)

Two Cox technicians came by yesterday. (This is the 4th time Cox has sent technicians to my home in an attempt to repair the tv tiling reception problem.) The 4th Cox visit entailed changing out the main splitter and checking the lines outside. They removed another splitter from the back of our tv box and checked the reception number readouts. When they left, all fingers were crossed that the problem had been resolved.....unfortunately, 3 hours later TILING RECEPTION ISSUES STARTED AGAIN! I'm not sure Cox knows how to resolve this problem! :(

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  • Hi TiaMia, I suggest scheduling another tech to come back out to investigate the issue further. Please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, or Twitter @CoxHelp, or at
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    You may have a bad amp out or getting ready to go out on the street which supplies your service.

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    Helping to rewire Las Vegas back in the 90s when Cox bought Prime TV services.

    Sorry if I step on any support toes.