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TV show selection unavailable work around

I find that when i try to select NBC T-Z (TV shows on demand), I get an error message that says this selection is unavailable. After a couple of attempts at different times of day with the same result, and after Cox chat just tried to reset my modem, that there must be a better way. If i use the keyword search for the TV show's name, I can access the show, skipping the malfunctioning menu.

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  • Hi Lewpok,

    Have you been able to access the "T-Z" folder via NBC On Demand at any point in the past? Are you able to access other NBC folders, like "A-C" or "D-G"? Do other folders within the On Demand library display the same error message?

    I'm sorry that this is so frustrating! Personally, I find the Keyword and Title searches via the Guide a much easier (and faster) way to find what I want to watch from the On Demand library. However, I want you to enjoy a stress and frustration-free Cox On Demand experience. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!