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Hello this is Rafi I have only internet plan with cox cable
just I want to make sure if can I watch the 11 channels for bein sports ? if you have any informations about it plz contact me

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    You only have Internet service? If so, then you wouldn't get ANY channels (unless via antenna), and if you do get any TV channels without a cable package, you'd be considered "stealing" the service.

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    If you only have an internet plan, what makes you think you can watch TV? Besides, beIN sports is an optional channel, part of a digital pak which requires a subscription to Contour + the sports & info pak. You can't watch either over the cable or online unless you have a subscription & pay for the channel.

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    If you mean your signed up for beIN Connect, then you will be able to use Cox internet for it, but what channels you get will depend on what package you have paid beIN for. If you haven't paid them, then you will only be able to watch those free channels on . See here for their FAQ.