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TV Pixelation and Service Temporarily Unavailable

This question/post is by a Harvey, Lousiana 70058 Cox Cable customer for 28 consecutive years.

QUESTION:  When will the 'tv pixelation' and/or 'service temporarily unavailable' cease?

BACKGROUND:  TV Pixelation and Service Temporarily Unavailable most often occurs when weather changes from hot/warm to cold/cool.  It's odd it only appears to do it regularly when the weather temperature changes. 

Last night, 1/6/17 the tv service was working fine, until midnight.  This morning, 1/7/17, the service was temporarily unavailable - all channels being unavailable.

This is not the first time this occurred.  It has been ongoing for past 2 months or so.  We've already had various cox technicians visit and they said all seems to be ok.  As per the request of one of the Cox phone service rep's, I also changed out one fo the hd cable boxes.  To no avail, the issue still occurs.

A week or two ago, we had a chat session with another Cox service representative who adivsed the issue was with Cox's cable equipment upstream of our service location, that person said that seemed to be the problem.  Cox was supposed to send someone from Plant out to investigate, however, it must have been during warm weather when all was working ok.  A week or so after the chat session (and maybe the investigation) we had a followup phone message from Cox to inquire if everything was fixed.  Apparently it wasn't fixed, because as of this morning, Saturday, January 7, 2017, our service is 'temporarily unavailable' again.

This morning, we called customer service again, who arranged for a technician visit for Monday afternoon from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  The customer service representative recommended to change out ALL of the cable boxes.  Let them go for it, it is only costing them money in the long run.  Which in the long run, increases the cable service bill we are all paying for.

We have been a Cox Cable customer for 28 consecutive years.  In the past we were somewhat pleased with the service, but it has gotten to the point were are investigating changing service to ATT U-verse.

I don't know if these forums are being moderated or not, if so, I hope this post passes muster and shows up on the Cox tv forum.

Cox Moderator - Can this question/post be forwarded to one of your 'Communication Engineers' to determine the cause of this "pixelation/unavailable" issue?  Apparently this appears to be a problem that service technicians cannot resolve or wasn't trained to handle.

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  • dbb,

    Please email cox at with your service address and a copy of this link.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks, I just emailed with the requested information.
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    Dear Louisiana:

      Having same issues in Oklahoma City; not the backwoods; we are in the Metro/City area.  Over 2/3 of channels are unavailable or pixelating; or reception is so bad they cannot be viewed.  And it's not the television, because we can watch DVD's without issue.  Cox solution has been to send a new signal to router; which either disconnects the telephone and/or internet; and Cable.  So, then we just sit and read.  Like you, have been Cox customer since the 1980's, but bundling these services has been the worst!  It's like living in a 3rd world country:  can either have phone service, TV, or internet; but not all at the same time, nor on a consistent basis.  Rates keep increasing, but service does not improve.  Have only had this bundled service for 9 months; have had more issues than in the last 20 years; and they installed new Coax!  Can do without this!

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    In OKC,

    I've dealt with video and internet issues first-hand and understand how frustrating they are. I can review the account to find a resolution. Please email us at with the account details and a copy of your post.

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    I've been having the same problem intermittently in San Diego for 15+ years. I went as far as replacing all the coax cable in my house with high quality quad-shield coax and gold plated connectors, and still had problems. A cox tech came out, replaced my gold plated connectors with whatever they use, and told me it should be ok, it wasn't. After calling again complaining about the problems and disputing the $60 charge they tried to charge me for that, they did something up on the utility pole that helped, but the problem returned after a few months. It got even worse after they went full digital. Most high def channels pixelate or drop out completely. I also have high speed internet with cox, but that has no problems, it's just the TV service that is sub par.

  • Hello bswarm,

    Is this happening on all TVs on particular channels in the home? We may want to have a technician follow-up. Please email us at with any details and we can help get to the bottom of a solution.