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tv listings

Im new to Cox. But I would like to know . Who made the tv listings menu ? They are all over the place !

Not many are grouped together. HGTV in my area is 1057 DYI is not even near it nor is it in my package ? Fox news is 1046 , fox Business Is way the *** up there and I couldn't even tell you what channel it is. It should be next to fox news. CNN is next to espn lol. All them Political channels should be next to each other. Some are but alot are all over the place and its hard to find them. TNT USA TBS should be next to each other , again spread out. and many more. NFL channel you have to pay more for ? I understand The Red Zone but NFL channel ? Who made up this menu ???

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  • Hi, the TV listings are not specifically grouped by genre nor are the channel numbers sequential. I apologize for the inconvenience. Try this link for additional information: