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TV Guide: Display only listings I'm signed up for


Does anyone know of a way to display only the channels that I'm currently paying for? As it stand right now, the guide displays every channel possible.  

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  • Hi natefi2015,

    While we do not have a feature that shows only subscribed channels, you may be able to setup a favorites list or a skipped channels list. What model box do you have?

  • natefi2015,

    You may set up favorites or skipped channels with Rovi. You may go into settings, Press A for more settings. Highlight Preferences. In the drop down menu you can choose to set Favorites, and once you've built up your favorites list, you can tap the FAV button on the remote to cycle through that way. If you wish to setup skipped channels, it is a similar approach to select those channels you don't want to view, and when you channel up or down it will skip those channels.

    I hope these options help you,

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