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Tv error.

Moved tv/box to different room- error code Then spent 30 minutes on phone when tv would not see dvr home network.

neither first person or second person (tier 2?...Like that was an improvement) knew anything about this code or suggested anything except re-setting the single box or unplugging everything at that location and plugging back in again. And they both walked thru the same exact protocol, not much to say for supposed tier 2 garbage. 40 minutes wasted  

so don't they at least keep up with answers provided by the online moderators? why can't one speak to a supervisor when requested? Why can't a supervisor call me next biz day when I request this via chat?  your service attempts, when needed, are condescending at best. Is all this an advertisement for direct tv?

id love to get the issue resolved and the questions above answered.... maybe you can ignore the DTV one. And not be reminded by two idiots on the phone that I'm apparently only a customer because I have no choice. 

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    Our Contour receivers have to be moved by a field technician to confirm the signals on the outlet and make sure the receivers are networked. I suggest moving the equipment back to the original outlet and scheduling an appointment to get this resolved once and for all. Please email us at with the account details and a link to this post. Also, please include the best day and time to make the appointment.