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TV call log

I want to delete my call log phone numbers but the instructions don't work. I press the "C" key like it said and nothing happened so I called Cox and they deleted the whole thing and now I don't have TV caller ID. How do I get it back? How do you really delete the call log on Advanced TV? Nothing works now it says it can not be found call 8669611207 code 8.1.1 I did they couldn't fix it either so now what ? Page up page down press the "c" key to delete "a" key to save but without a prompt it does absolutely nothing. The instructions are bogus it won't reset. The last time this happened it took them 3 days to fix it, they had to call Atlanta. What a mess! This should be so simple put a prompt on the tv that says "a" save  "C" delete log 

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    I apologize for the delayed reply. I believe I found the account from your log in. Were we able to get this resolved?