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TV and Computer

Can I use my Contour/Smart TV to mirror my computer screen?

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    You can check your TV's owner manual to see what type of connections it supports. Once you verify the connections, you will need to see if your computer supports that connection also. If it doesn't, you can see about finding an adapter. What type of TV and laptop do you have?

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    Agreed.  However, check the documentation of your computer.  Your computer will be the source of your media, so you'll need to determine its capabilities.

    If you have a newer computer, it may contain a wireless video chipset to stream audio/video to a compatible TV.  If your TV is not compatible, you can purchase an external device (wireless receiver-adapter, which would match the wireless chipset of your computer) and connect it to your TV.

    There are a few protocols for this technology, such as Intel WiDi, Wireless HDI, Wireless HD, etc.  Research the documentation of your computer or do a keyword search for "DLNA"..."HDI"..."WHDI"..."WIDI"...or "Wireless HD."  If your computer contains any of these chipsets, it will list the hardware requirements.