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Turn sound off or pause while screen saver activated

Is there any way to turn the sound off when the screen saver is active?  Better yet, is there any way to have whatever is currently on pause when the screen saver activates?

We like the screen saver with news, weather, and images.  But playing the sound of a program without the program's video seems useless.

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    Scott C, while the screen saver is being displayed on your tv, you can press the mute button so that there is no audio playing.  Please check out <> if you have any other questions. 

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    Thank you for the reply, but do you really consider this a solution?  Of course I can turn off audio by pressing the mute button on my remote.  My point is that a screen saver that continues to play the audio of the program that is not being displayed is not useful in any way.  It sounds like there is no setting that controls this, so here are some suggestions:

     Add a setting for the screen saver that allows the user to choose:

    - Mute audio (Yes/No)

    Even better would be to add options like these:

    - News Source

    - Weather Source

    - Photos Source

    - Video Source

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    Hi Scott,
    I will send your suggestions and feedback over to the product team.