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Tuning Adapters flashing yellow + spotty Internet

I have two Tivos with cablecards and tuning adapters. On Saturday morning, the Tivos gave me an error message that the tuning adapters were disconnected. I looked at the TAs and both have a constant flashing amber light, the same amber light that normally is constant and not flashing. I am able to get all of the "popular" channels but none of the SDV channels.

I've called the Cox cablecard support number twice (877-820-8202), once on Saturday, once on Sunday. Both times the techs had me restart the TAs (which I had already done) and restart the Tivos (which I had already done). They then gave up and blamed the issue on the Tivo. Even though the TA is owned by Cox.

I've also had issues this weekend with my cable modem with the Internet being up about 50% of the time. Lots and lots of errors on the downstream side of the cable modem. So a tech came out today, checked levels and found nothing wrong with my downstream or upstream levels. He also tested levels at the TA drops and those are fine too. 

Since the TAs are stuck in initializing mode, the Tivos can't even see them via USB so I can't use the Tivo to get any info from the TA. I've gone so far as to connect a TA directly to the main Cox feed into my house, bypassing all of my house wiring only to get the same amber flashing. And I have an extra TA that I used to use with another Tivo / cablecard / TA combo that I plugged directly in and also swapped in for one of the formerly-working TAs with the exact same results.

So where do I go from here? Everything worked on Friday. Now my Internet is spotty and both TAs stopped working at the same time. The Cox tech support lines haven't been helpful in any way (the Saturday tech blamed it on the content providers not providing signal - even though the channels that I couldn't receive were obviously SDV, the Sunday tech suggested I call Tivo for help with the Cox TA) The onsite Sunday tech was a great guy who didn't fix the issue but suggested that maybe it's an authorization issue with the TAs. I've run out of things to test and people to call. Is there a tier 2 or 3 cablecard / TA tech support person I could call for help?