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Tuning adapter troubles

I have been trying to switch from DirecTV to Cox for the past week. Excited I purchased a Tivo Bolt.

The first technician came out. He had never installed a cablecard or a tuning adapter. The cablecard seemed to pair fine. But when he left the tuning adapter was blinking yellow.

A few support calls. A trip to the Cox store for a replacement tuning adapter. A few support calls and still no luck. Blinking yellow.

Second technician claims to have installed this once before. But when he left the tuning adapter was still blinking yellow. A telephone call to cablecard support where the technician insisted the next person to come out would have the right equipment and would be able to fix the problem.

The third technician came out today. He thought the tuning adapter was a wifi router. Needless to say when he left it was blinking yellow.

I've been on hold waiting to talk to a support technician for 1 hour 25 minutes. Cox appears to be acting in bad faith.

What can I realistically do to get this problem solved?

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    Hi MatthewD,

    I can make sure the file is on the tuning adapter. If the file is there, a field tech will need to come out and check the signals. Please email me the service address and a link to this thread to further investigate.